Design Process | Development


The goal in the Development Phase is to build upon what was established in the Design Concept. To that end the plans are refined and the levels of detail are increased. We perfect proportions, layouts, develop structural schemes and take the design to a more complete level on both the interior and exterior of the house. Every aspect of the design is looked at carefully.

Our clients remain closely involved during this part of the process. The refined designs, and personal communication, help them make and understand important design decisions. Addressing all these details now, helps us and our clients avoid many design changes later on in the process, when those changes are generally more costly.

By the end of the Development Phase, the designs are firmly in place and the working drawings are completed.


  • checkmarkDetailed floor plan(s) (full dimensions, electrical, details, etc)
  • checkmarkDetailed foundation plan (footings, teleposts, details, etc)
  • checkmarkAt least two cross sections (we will supply more if needed)
  • checkmarkFour detailed elevation drawings (front, left, rear, right) with any important details and/or information.
  • checkmarkAny other details if applicable (bay windows, wood turned railing, etc)
  • checkmarkWorking drawings will be emailed to you (PDF file) for your approval. Paper copies of prints will be sent upon request. Shipping and printing charges may be incurred.

Please note it is your responsibility to ensure that any notes for regional codes that may be important to the area the home is to be constructed are supplied to the design team.