Design Process | Construction


After the contractor has been selected and schedules agreed to, the Construction Phase can begin.

In a new construction, the first step may be a meeting at the site between the owner, the contractor and Fusion Home Designs. Final adjustments to the position of the house are reviewed and the house can be staked out.

For a renovation, the first step can be the start of demolition or laying out of the new construction areas. If the owners are planning to live in a home that is being renovated, careful planning is required to minimize disruption while facilitating the process of construction.

In either case we will be there to facilitate communication and to ensure that the architectural designs are followed.

Once construction begins we visit the construction site on a regular basis to review the work and answer any questions that might come up. Minor changes are expected and are managed as part of the process. Construction photos may be taken and site reports are sent to our clients during this phase to keep everyone informed of progress.

During construction, final confirmation of colors and materials is often made if the owners want to view those items in the context of the rooms they will be placed. We are always there to make recommendations and follow through with drawings if required.